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About the Artist

Anand is  self taught artist, who pursues his passion for art during his free time, especially on holidays and weekends.  Starting with poster and watercolours during childhood days, he progressed to oils and then to acrylics.  Of late he has been focussing on water colours  as he enjoys the spontaneity and versatility of the medium, especially in outdoor paintings. He loves to paint scenery and landscapes, but has painted a few portraits of his near and dear ones. 


Born in 1965, after schooling he graduated from the National Defence Academy at Kharakvasla, Pune.  Serving in the Indian Air Force as a helicopter pilot he has completed many operational tenures in India and abroad.  He quit Air Force in 2012 as a Group Captain after a long cherished career and joined HAL as a test pilot and continues to flight test helicopters.


Art has been his hobby since childhood. Though he has not attended any formal art school, he showed keen interest in art classes at school and participated in school art exhibitions. He has won few prizes during schooling in art and craft. At the Academy (NDA) he was member of the arts hobby club, where he painted mostly in oils and actively participated in all biannual art exhibitions.  During his entire service career he has passionately pursued his hobby.  After moving to Bangalore in 2009 he has been actively involved with Pencil Jammers, a weekend hobby group, painting on locations in and around Bangalore.  He has also honed his skills in watercolours by attending a few weekend workshops.

He draws inspiration from other renowned artists and chooses his subjects from scenes around him—both live and on media. He relishes painting the interplay of light and shadow.  He plans to continue his hobby actively experimenting with different genres and mediums.

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