Innocent Smile
A portait of my nephew, always a pleasure to capture their smile. Watercolour on canson 300gsm 12 x 16 inch
Lively Eyes
A treat to see children active and mischievous, and my nephew in Delhi is no less. Watercolour on canson 300gsm 12 x 16 inch
Composition or Creation
A portrait attempt of my niece. Watercolour on Canson 300gsm 12 x 16 inch.
A portrait study of my mother. Watercolour on burstro 300gsm 12 x 16 inch
Portrait study of my nephew. Watercolour on 180gsm paper 8 x 11 inch.
Golden Child
I liked the light and shadow on her beautiful face and her golden Nepalese outfit. Watercolour on canson 300gsm paper 15 x 22 inch
Cute Smile
Was a challenge to capture the cute baby smile. Watercolour on Magnani 300gsm 12 x 15 inch
Made for Each Other
A Wedding day gift to my friend’s Son. Watercolour on Bockingford 300gsm, 15 x 20 inch
Portrait Study
A commisioned portrait of my friends father. Watercolour on Brusto 300gsm 12 x 16 inch
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