Chai pe Chitr
A very popular chai shop in Bangalore. I was attracted by the copper boiler and the tea vendor. Watercolour on handmade paper 14 x 20 inch
A rendition of Goddess Lakshmi. Watercolour on handmade paper 12 x 16 inch
Cat Affair
Dolan, a grey cat, which caught my attention. Watercolour on magnani 300gsm 16 x 12 inch
Unconditional Love
Deezu aka Diesel, my stress buster. Tried to capture the shades of light and shadow. Watercolour on handmade paper 12 x 16 inch
Yellowstone Memories
Mother and baby Bison from my yellowstone visit sketches. Watercolour on Canson 300gsm 11 x 8 inch
Unconditional Love 2
My pet pug painted for my son. Watercolour on Canson 300gsm 8 x 11 inch
Happy Navrathri (9 nights)
Depicts the doll exhibition on steps that is set up for 9 days in South Indian. Watercolour on handmade paper 16 x12 inch
Holy Basil
A SouthIndian rural house in Tamilnadu, where clothes are hung to dry and is used as a cleansing area. Watercolour on handmade paper 11 x 8 inch
Happy Deepavali
Deepavali is a festival of lamps, though traditionally fireworks also go along with it. Watercolour 77/100on handmade paper 10 x 14 in, painted from reference pic on the internet
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