Fragrant Field

Fragrant Field. Nostalgic memories of my childhood visits to my village draws me to such scenes. The fragrance of paddy fields still linger with me. Watercolour challenge 36/100 on hand made paper 11 x 8 in #watercolor #watercolour #aquarelle #artbymra #paddyfield #ricefield #village #landscape

 On the occasion of teachers day….

A big tribute to all Masters/artists from whom i have learnt innumerable tips that has helped me cherish and enjoy watercolour painting

Milind Mulick from whom i learnt the deftness of rigger and his incredible palette management with basic colours with different brushes Amit Kapoor  from who i learnt the speedy washes with single mops with his characteristic mix of blues, reds, Yellow/greens and the furtive fast finishing white and black highlight Bijay Biswaal from who i learnt the power of fast brush strokes and his famous wet platform and the distinctive warm siennas and cool ultramarines and magentas Ramesh Jhawar from who i learnt patient multiple washes, and the power of light and shadows and choose subjects such as flower, fruit vendors and the ubiquitous bicycle!

A big thank you!

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