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Chai pe Chitr

Chai Pe Chitr (Painting over Tea)  Though a coffee shop it is very popular for its tea and Vadas (Indian black gram doughnuts) in Bangalore.  I was [drawn] towards this shop as it is always teeming with customers in the morning.  The tea maker  has his establishment well set up like an alchemist!  The traditional south India Tea with milk and sugar, is sure to keep you going for the day!  The copper boiler for hot water is a standout, and reminds me of similar boiler being used to heat water in our household 4 decades ago. Watercolour on handmade paper 14 x 20in #watercolour #watercolor #aquarelle #aquarela #artbymra #artbymranand #urbanscape #sendhoorcoffee #urbanbangalore

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