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Colours of Buffalo

The ubiquitous water buffalo is quite common in Tamilnadu and roams freely even if they are domestic. I have heard people calling lethargic individuals as Erum(ai) Made (Buffalo in tamil). When i was a child i remember going to the street corner in the mornings and waiting till the milkman used to milk a she-buffalo and retun home with some fresh milk. The buffaloes used to scratch themselves on the restraining wire of lamp post to which they were tied and there always used to be a stuffed calf to fool the milch buffalo. Not to forget the innumerable times that i crossed their path, always scared to see their gory horns and threatening glares while avoiding them, hoping that they would not turn and head toward me. So many sights came flooding to my memory when i saw this buffalo and was happy to see that i could paint it with so many colours! Watercolours on 160 gsm paper 11 x 8 inch #watercolours #watercolors #watercolorartist #aquarelle #aquarela #artistoninsta #waterbuffalo #artbymra #artbymranand #bufffalo

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